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Ableconn USB2HUB2B USB 2.0 2-Port Compact Hub (Black)

Ableconn USB2HUB2B USB 2.0 2-Port Compact Hub (Black)

  • Product Specification:

    • Dimensions 15.25 x 1 x 0.95 in / 39 x 25 x 24 mm Total length: 39.4mm
    • Weight 1.1 oz / 31 g
    • Color Black
    • Power Bus-powered
    • Chipset Renesas uPD720114
    • Certification FCC, CE

Product Description

Feature Bullets

  • Featuring a portable and compact design, the USB2HUB2B 2-port hub adds one more USB port to your system. This is the ideal solution for those who don't want excessive unused USB ports for better device control. The ultra compact design along with a 12" pigtail cable makes it easy for installation.
  • Built with Renesas uPD720114 chipset which has been widely used and is fully compatible in most operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, etc.
  • USB bus powered, no external power is required. The hub takes up to 500mA power (PC systems dependent) from upstream USB port and shares to each of the two downstream ports. Therefore the devices connected to the hub should be low powered such as keyboard, mice, thumb drive, etc, or self-powered with its own power source to ensure proper function. The hub is not for charging purpose because of bus-powered and the power is shared. The power is very limited for charging mobile devices.
  • Fully plug and play without driver installation. Devices connected to it are hot plugable as well.
  • CE, FCC certificated. Features over-current detection and protection to protect your connected devices.


  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Specification
  • Built with Renesas uPD720114 chipset
  • Bus-powered, requires no additional AC power. Over-current detection and protection to protect your connected devices.
  • Supports high-speed (480Mb/s), full-speed (12Mb/s) and low-speed (1.5Mb/s)
  • Interfaces: Upstream USB Type-A Male Plug x1; Downstream USB Type-A Female Receptacle x2
  • Weight: 1.1 oz
  • Dimension: 2.13"(L) x 0.95"(W) x 1"(H) pigtail cable: 12"
  • Certifications: FCC, CE
  • Native supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux. Requires no driver installation. Fully plug and play, hot-swappable.

Package Contents

  • Ableconn USB2HUB2B USB 2.0 2-Port Hub


  • Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support

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